San Diego Woman’s Hiking Goal Leads to Unintended Consequence – Emotional Healing


When we first introduced you to Lori Brookes back in April she was attempting to finish her year-long goal of 60 hikes by her 60th birthday. She completed that goal in just three months. So, she decided her new goal would be to finish 180 hikes by her 60th birthday!


Lori’s final hike was in Peru – and it was no easy feat. She climbed elevations reaching over 14,000 feet.  On her 60th birthday she made her final ascent to a mountaintop overlooking the striated-colored Rainbow Mountains. The view was breathtaking and the moment overwhelming as Lori realized her trek to 180 hikes – was not just a journey to health – but also a healing journey.


“The realization that I had healed from the loss of someone, I’m pretty sure it was from being out on the trail.”

sixty/60journey, Lori Brookes

Recently I met up with Lori to findout what she took away from her experience and what’s next. We chatted while hiking through the Los Penesquitos Canyon Preserve.

Since April 2016 Lori has hiked in 10 National Parks, four National Monuments, five states and New Zealand and she’ll finish her sixty/60journey on a mountaintop in Peru’s Rainbow Mountains. She’ll be joined by one of her sons and his husband making the trek which reaches elevations over 14,000 feet taking them to geological formations that form striated colors including red, blue and turquoise causing the mountains to resemble rainbows.

Lori Brooks is a photographer, traveler, and in marketing. You can follow her adventures at Amusing Traveller and on Instagram at @LoriBrookes.


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